Background & History


2012 - CELab MRCOG pilot

     --Inspired Jobs Council to endorse a pilot for a solowork job creation program prototype

2016 Legislature passed and Governor signed a bill for solowork pilot but did not fund it.

2016-2017 CELab/CCEDF Pilot

     --CELab and a consortium of service providers bootstrapped a six-month pilot program in Cibola County using grant funds and community match in cash and in-kind.

     --12 new economic base Jobs Created over 5 months

     --This inspired state legislature to fund a statewide program

2017-2018 Statewide NMEDD program

     --State funding: $350,000 out of JTIP ($220,000 committed but yet unspent)


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What is the SoloWorks Model?


Over the last seven years the CELab, a 501c3 think tank, has
been working on developing a practical and cost-efective
approach to procuring solo economic base jobs.


At SoloWorks, we're kickstarting Cibola county's economic recovery by helping its residents prepare for jobs that can be done remotely.
The positions are all sourced from out of state, which
means that every job worked in this program effectively grows the local economy by infusing it with new money – money it would have otherwise not had.