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"Soloworks is a great place. They provided me with Customer Service training and helped me write, fix, adjust and organize my resume. Through them and the resources they provided me I was able to get an online job as a Customer Support Representative for Comcast."

~Darwin Henry~


"I am a  Native New Mexican, born in Clayton in 1960. In my life, I have worked in resturants, on ranches, and did a short stint as a customer service representative. I loved working as a customer service representative that I started looking for similiar jobs. I worked with DVR, who sent me to SoloWorks, to help me find a job I love. I am on the verge of finding that job and am thankful to those who have directed me along the way."

~Debrorah Laney~


"I, Dayna Lucero, am 35 yrs. young. I am currently employed with Transcom as an At Home Agent. SoloWork's training, as well as my past work experience as a Customer Service Representative and working in the Home Health field has prepared me for this opportunity Transcom has offered me. I am also a proud wife, mother of 5 children and grandmother to 3-4 on the way grand babies. I enjoy making new memories with my family while doing different family activities."


~Dayna Lucero~ 


"SoloWorks has been great for me since I have sarted. I have made alot of positive personal changes in my since starting the program. SoloWorkers are united and the program is really family-based to help the community as a whole from within the community. I love the fact that we make our own schedule and are our own bosses. Shelly Fausett is the person who referred my girlfriend and I and has been going above and beyond to esure our jobs are running smooth and also our careers. She is the pillar to this program and the glue that holds us together. I work for Roadside assistance and I have been doing great in my trade and continue to progress. Soloworks has many benefits and beats the conventional 9-5 jobs out there!"

~Jose Pereda~


"My name is Andrew Smith. I found out about SoloWorks and decided to give it a shot. SoloWorks is an awesome program that gives great opportunities. Currently I am finishing up with the training for my Arise course. I am looking forward to working full-time in this job."


~Andrew Smith~